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A new challenge toward ‘the global business group that leads Asia – Vision 2018

To spring as a global business group as well as ‘one of the top 10 global business group in Asia,’ which leads the Asian region, Lotte proclaimed ‘Vision 2018’ and has been exerting multidimensional efforts through the core business reinforcement and expanded overseas business weight, aiming at its realization until 2018.

For the promotion of the vision, the management policies and core values were set while selecting and practicing the growth assignments that are to be promoted in the field of distribution, finance, food, construction, tourism, chemical industry, production, and support in order to realize the vision.

In addition for the support of the vision promotion, the five core foundations of vision practice were set, namely, ‘Vision 2018 promotion system,’ ‘program that reinforces the sense of pride among the employees,’ ‘future human resource cultivation,’ ‘brand management,’ and ‘In-depth understanding of the customers.’ By realizing those objectives, Lotte is securing the management infrastructure that is suitable for the status of a global business group.