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Floor Plan

One-stop Life & Services

The best designers have gathered for LOTTE CEN TER HANOI

LOTTE CENTER HANOI is composed of the tower and the podium sections. US-based Callison, known as the best architect’s firm in designing interior and exterior of multi-use complexes, has designed the tower while the interior design of the podium section was the responsibility of world-class British designer Benoy. No team can get any better than these two together.

Office 78,376 square meters (8th to 31st floor)
The residence 54,304 square meters (258 residences, from 33rd to 64th floor, left side)
Hotel 57,860 square meters (318 rooms, from 33rd to 64th floor, right side)
Department store 52,924 square meters (retail space: about 30,000 square meters)
Mart 6,571 square meters (B1)
Observation deck 3,514 square meters (65th floor)
Parking Lot 40,789.4 square meters (Over 1,000 Lots)
Mech. & Elec. 10,959 ㎡
Total floor area 253,402 square meters