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Observation Deck Overview


An island in the sky

The Sky Walk features a wide reaching sight of the city, as if walking on Hanoi’s clouds.

From the 65th floor’s Observation Deck, one can see at one glance the dynamism of Hanoi. One can’t help but lose oneself while observing the rest of Hanoi from the top of LOTTE CENTER HANOI.

Guide of Zoning

1. Attraction Zone

- Day time : Curiosity for Observation Deck
- Night time : Fantastic Light Festival

  • Escalator

    Escalator filled up with fantastic light going upwards

  • Bamboo Road

    Space with bamboo forest wall and stars-twinkling-night sky

  • Fog Gate 1


  • Ticketing Counter


2. Welcome Zone

- Day time : Preview of Vietnam's Cultures and Nature
- Night time : A Trendy City Life with Lotte Center Hanoi

  • Welcome Theater

    Picture experience center to see Hanoi from the past to the future

  • Photo Zone

    Zone to take pictures synthesized with prospect view 65F

  • Fog Gate 2


  • Elevator

    Elevator filled up with fantastic light going upwards

3. Experience Zone

- Day time : High-Technology Experience
- Night time : Harmony of Night View and Technology

  • Observatory

    Space to enjoy colorful night view and capture image of view glass

  • View Terrace

    View terrace for view of Hanoi at-a-glance

  • Sky Walk

    Observatory with amazing experience like walking on clouds

  • Photo Counter


4. Love Story Zone

- Day time : Cherish the Memory of Hanoi
- Night time : Romantic Memento

  • Sky Dating Garden

    Space where write messages and take a picture with event

  • Love Photo Zone



  • Location : 65th Floor (253m, 830ft)
  • Location : Total floor area: 3,514 ㎡
  • The place of Observation Deck is entirety of Hanoi at one glance
  • Two high speed elevators(360m/min) will take visitors from B1 to the 65th floor in 50 seconds
  • First-ever build Sky Walk in Southeast Asia
  • F&B(Lotteria & Angel-in-us), Multimedia, Photo Counter and Souvenir Shop