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Shopping Department Store

Department Store

A world that is visible just by lifting one’s head

The building will always provide expectation and excitement to all visitors. The first six floors will house Lotte Department Store, where Vietnamese will be able to see and meet something special. It will be a place where new lifestyles can be enjoyed.

A magnet for tourism

Lotte Department Store will become a must-visit destination. It will be where the latest trends and lifestyle needs can be found in one place, and it will be the one-stop shopping spot. With each floor specifically tailored from the first floor to the 6th floor. Lotte Department Store will present a new form of shopping.



  • A one-stop shop for all shopping needs
  • A unique arrangement of stores, staple of Lotte Department Store
  • A source of high-value products and services for MVG’s
  • Total floor space : 52,924㎡ (retail space : 약 30,000㎡)
  • Location : 1st ~ 6th floor